Top Computer Repair Shops Bakersfield, CA

Computer repair Bakersfield CA services can be important to find when your computer breaks down. However, there are lots of different but good services to choose from. Most stores and shops are more than capable of handing any repair to your computer, including dealing with viruses and software installation and many more things. Though, what you might not be aware of is that many stores cannot offer a remote repair service which means it’s a big complication to you. However, there are many good stores in Bakersfield to offer you onsite repairs.

backsfield caGNM Computer Repair

This computer repair store is one of the very best stores available for computer repair in Bakersfield. GNM Computer Repair can handle lots of simple repairs and can repair most makes of computer as well. There are both at home and in store repair services for those who find it convenient to get the repairs done at home rather than in store. However, the store can deal with data recovery work and installation of software and hardware also but it can handle many computer services.


This computer service located in Bakersfield CA does offer a lot of services. For a start, SWAT PC can offer an at home repair service as well as an in store repair service too so everyone has a convenient way to get problems solved quickly and effectively. SWAT PC can handle lots of services like upgrades and installation; and they can also handle viruses and simple errors also. The store can offer a varied of services which range from simple everyday repairs to bigger more extensive work.

Mardo’s Computer Repair Store

This is a very impressive store to visit when it comes to a good computer service repair. Mardo’s can deal with things such as internet security and help to removal a virus which may be causing a computer to run slowly. There are lots of services which this store can handle however including offering a home repair service. The store can also offer to walk you through some problems over the telephone at first so that most simple tasks can be fixed within a few moments.

Affordable PC Repair

Another good computer service repair store to consider in the Bakersfield area has to be Affordable PC Repair. This store looks quite good because it can offer a large range of services. These services include removing viruses and spyware software; it can also handle simple problems over the phone and dealing with installation projects. There are lots of services available here however and it’s a very good store overall. Of course, this can deal with recovering data from hard drives and broken down computers as well as dealing with new networks and setting computer systems up too.

Lots of Stores Available

In Bakersfield CA, there are lots of amazing and affordable computer repair services and stores to choose from. Even if you don’t like one, there are dozens more. They can all be useful and great services to help make some repairs to broken down computers and laptops. Find the best computer service for your computers.