Information Technology Job Titles

Modern computer technology

In today’s information age, most of the fields of human endeavor (except probably those located in the remotest places of the planet) are already into computers. Computers, as we know them, have the main function of collecting, storing, maintaining and manipulating information.
Computers are the main engines that push today’s information technology (IT) which in turn produce a new breed of workers called information technology specialists. However, there is some kind of confusion in today’s information technology job titles.

Main Lines

Many information technology specialists work in some specific jobs that fit their qualifications and expertise. However, there are those who studied other specialties and yet found themselves employed manning the lines that are not what they had trained for.

For the most part, the main IT work lines are hardware engineering, software engineering, programming, as administrators, and as database specialists. Their information technology job titles inform everyone what they do.


Software engineers design the programs (word processing, animation, etc) that run on the computers while the hardware engineers are in charge in the design of the actual machines and devices (modems, hard disks, etc) that form part of the overall computing system.

As per their information technology job titles, programmers take over the work writing programs based on the mathematically-based designs from the engineers. Network administrators are the ones responsible for making the computer system run by way of installing programs, maintenance and providing technical support.

Database specialists handle a company’s information data to access records and other information stored in these programs. They help design and establish these databases for use by the company.

Job Titles

Lately, there had been some confusion with the many information technology job titles in the IT industry. From people looking for jobs all the way up to hiring managers and human resources administrators, educators and counselors – they are not certain as to the exact nature of work for these proliferating job titles.

In some instances, job titles do not fit the described duties. At other times, there is a mismatch in education and the qualifications asked for by the company. Some information technology specialists miss out on the many jobs that they could have applied for and won because they are qualified.

Cross Training

Modern computer technology

While studying for a career in the IT field, students are afforded cross training in some fields other than what is in the curriculum. However, many information technology job titles do not tell what other fields an applicant is qualified for. For instance, a position in programming includes such title as application developer.

Some company listings on job titles do not carry alternate titles that might be another name for the listed position. On the other hand, job seekers can expand their job searches by exploring beyond the currently-listed information technology job her latest blog post for more information.