Information Technology Salary & Careers

IT Expert

Information Technology, more commonly called IT, is a vast and very vital field where room for career advancement is virtually limitless. Information technology salary is dependent on the type of work you do. Even though the demand for different information technology positions fluctuates because technology is always expanding, below are common IT positions and their corresponding information technology salary per annum. read our full blog post at

Computer and IT Research Scientists

$100, 600

To earn an information technology salary this high, you would need to have a PhD. These individuals are responsible for inventing and developing new technologies, as well as looking for uses for current technologies.

They are commonly involved in studying, researching, and solving multifaceted technology issues associated with science, business, and medicine among others.

Software Developers


These are the brains behind various computer programs. Some are involved in the development of special applications allowing people to carry out particular computer tasks or for other types of devices. Some software developers on the other hand are focused on the development of core systems responsible for managing networks or operating devices.

Computer Systems Analysts


Analysts of computer systems are involved in the study of a client’s existing systems, as well as procedures. They assess and diagnose the client’s computer systems and processes in order to provide the correct recommendations that will make the system function in its optimum condition.

Network Architects, Developers, & I S A

$75,600 (ISA Information Security Analysts)

These individuals are highly skilled at using various IT technologies specific to their client’s requirements. Network architects are responsible for creating internal computer networks used by all people in an organization.

Web developers make websites, while security analysts make certain that an organization’s computer system is safe from any security threat.


Database Administrators


Database administrators utilize software for storing, organizing, and managing data for their clients. They also ensure that the data is always secure and readily available for authorized users.

Computer Programmers


Programmers are tasked to write source code required to make software programs. The instructions developed by software developers are made into program designs by computer programmers so that computer systems will be able to understand them.

Computer Systems and Network Administrators


IT Expert

These individuals are tasked to make sure that their client’s computer network is always in tip-top shape. Generally, they install, manage, and maintain systems which can include WANs, LANs, intranets, and network sections among others.visit this website for more details.

Computer Support Specialists


Support personnel aid people in using various computer hardware and software. They can also solve common computer problems. This position offers the lowest information technology salary but valuable experience for those thinking or pursuing advancement in the IT field.